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    • 122018-10

      2018 Automechanika Shanghai

      We will attend 2018 Automechanika Shanghai from 28th, Nov to 1st, Dec. Our booth No. is 8.1M78. Welcome to our booth!更多

    • 232018-09

      Mid-autumn Day Holiday Notice

      Dear Friends: The Mid-autumn Day is coming soon! We will have one day rest on 24th, Sep and begin work on 25th, Sep. During the holiday, the company email is feasible. Any problem, you can send message to our mailbox.更多

    • 172018-07

      Market analysis of forged parts

      Forgings in fact, China's forging companies in China rarely produce drawings and design methods for forgings. In fact, this is not only a concern for enterprises, but many domestic manufacturers have no concept, product drawing...更多

    • 172018-07

      General process for casting forged parts

      The forging casting process generally includes: the data used for the casting can be divided into sand type, metal type, ceramic type, mud type, graphite type, etc., according to the number of times of application, it can be divide...更多

    • 172018-07

      The world"s large-scale free forging and die forging hydraulic press equipment distribution list

      In large-scale mechanical equipment and important equipment, such as steel rolling, power stations (hydropower, thermal power, nuclear power), petroleum, chemical, shipbuilding, aviation, aerospace, heavy weapons, etc., large free ...更多

    • 172018-07

      Say goodbye to "stupid stupid" heavy machine industry is looking forward to two major changes

      In the eyes of reporters, the 2006 heavy machinery industry had an unexpectedly gorgeous ending, which also indicates a more brilliant start in 2007. It seems that the past "silly and stupid" is no longer related to the h...更多

    • 162018-07

      Comment on the development of automobile manufacturing equipment in China

      Developing automotive manufacturing equipment has great strategic significanceChina's auto industry accounts for about half of the output value and profits of the equipment manufacturing industry. Domestic and international exp...更多

    • 162018-07

      Forging process introduction

      Forging is one of the two major components of forging (forging and stamping) by using a forging machine to apply pressure to a metal blank to plastically deform it to obtain a forging with certain mechanical properties, a certain s...更多



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